Student Oral Communication

Teamwork and Collaboration

Faculty members' success in stimulating student learning via team assignments rests largely on two issues:

      1. Purpose – why they seek to use team projects
      2. Implementation – how well they incorporate team assignments into their courses

If you are planning to use team assignments in your course, please see the resources below. For Scholarship in Practice courses – these resources will be useful in meeting the learning outcome, "Collaborate in order to bring about a successful outcome."

These materials were prepared by ad hoc group whose members were selected by the Office of Undergraduate Studies for their experience in teaching with team projects: Erica Estrada-Liou (Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Melissa Hayes-Gehrke (Astronomy), Madlen Simon (Architecture), Kristan Cilente Skendall (Gemstone), Melissa Del Rios (Office of Undergraduate Studies) Ann C. Smith (Office of Undergraduate Studies) Cynthia K. Stevens (Office of Undergraduate Studies)