Teacher standing and instructing students.

The General Education Requirements

The General Education requirements at the University of Maryland:

  • Expose students to different disciplines, improve fundamental academic skills, and strengthen a commitment to using knowledge and abilities to better themselves and others.

  • Prepare students to participate fully in a changing world.

  • Provide students with breadth of knowledge and disciplinary diversity.

  • Explore unfamiliar fields and to develop new intellectual and professional passions.

  • Engage students in traditional disciplines, established interdisciplinary programs, and emergent transdisciplinary fields.

  • Foster intellectual dexterity not only from mastering a broad range of subjects, but also from understanding the many ways knowledge is produced.

  • Ensure that students have basic skills in written and oral communication and also in mathematical analysis.

  • Understand and employ analytic reasoning.

See the Summary Chart for an overview of the General Education requirements. More details can be found in each of the requirement sections.

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