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Publications and Presentations

four faculty members at conference table looking at papers

Smith, A. C., Faculty Centered Assessment of General Education, AAC&U’s Conference on General Education and Assessment: Foundations for Democracy conference, 2018, Philadelphia PA

faculty looks at three students presenting in class

Stevens, C, Smith, A. C., Simon, M., Analyzing Faculty Readiness for Teaching Collaboration Skills, AACU General Education and Assessment: Design Thinking for Student Learning February 23-25, 2017 Phoenix, Arizona.

post it notes on table

Smith, A. C., Stevens, C, Simon, M., Implementing Signature Projects through Scholarship in Practice General Education Courses. AACU General Education and Assessment: Design Thinking for Student Learning February 23-25, 2017 Phoenix, Arizona.

research dictionary page

Killion, P and Smith, A. C. , Scholarship in Practice: Bringing Authentic Research Into General Education for Faculty, Students and Research Programs, Conference for Undergraduate Research, 2016, Tampa, Florida

assessment books

La Voy, S.A., Smith, A. C., Roberts, D. Promising Practice: Engaging faculty in designing and implementing an outcomes-based general education program. AAC&U General Education and Assessment conference. 2013. Boston MA.

tree illustration

Smith, A. C., Roberts, D., Gaines, R. The I‐Series: Evoking Intellect, Inquiry, and Imagination to Engage Students in Real World Challenges. AAC&U General Education and Assessment conference.2013. Boston, MA. (talk)

Publications and Conference Proceedings

plague cell illustration

Primiano, Samantha J., Ananya Krishnan, and Thurka Sangaramoorthy. 2020. Plagues, Pathogens, and Pedagogical Decolonization: Reflecting on the Design of a Decolonized Pandemic Syllabus.Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal 3, no. 2: 47–60.

faculty in classroom

Thompson, Katerina V., et al. "Faculty learning communities: A professional development model that fosters individual, departmental and institutional impact." Transforming institutions: Undergraduate STEM education for the 21st century (2015): 312-324.

aerial view of university hall

Briber, Robert M., and Romel D. Gomez PE. "Teaching Engineering in the General Education Program at the University of Maryland." 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition.

university building exterior

Benson, Spencer A., Ann C. Smith, and David B. Eubanks. "Developing scholarly teaching at a research university: Using learning communities to build capacity for change." Cases on quality teaching practices in higher education. IGI Global, 2013. 212-227.


Lin, Jing, Qian Meng, and Xuan Weng. "The practice and innovation of general education at University of Maryland: a case study." International Journal of Chinese Education 2.1 (2013): 9-30.


Collegiate Magazine cover with Testudo mascot

10 Gen Ed Classes to Spice Up Your Freshman Schedule at the University of Maryland

College Magazine article
book on line of books

At U. of Maryland, an Effort to Make Introductory Courses Extraordinary

Chronicle of Higher Ed
group of students (male and female) huddle together

15 of the Coolest Classes at University of Maryland

One class
View of The M planted with red flowers, with Symons Hall in the background.

Faculty propose 70 general education courses

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