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UMD General Education Assessment Rubrics

The General Education Assessment Rubrics present the standards for student performance in the UMD General Education courses and: 

  • Provide information to instructors who wish to develop courses to meet General Education requirements.
  • Reveal to students and others the goals and expectations of General Education courses.
  • Serve as a tool for faculty to explore how well their courses meet the selected General Education learning outcomes by using the rubric to assess student work.

General education rubrics are available for printing and in ELMS to be used with the Speedgrader tool to support the General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment process.

General Education Faculty boards determined the learning outcomes to be addressed in rubric development. Generally the rubrics target a select set vs all category  outcomes; see rubrics for learning outcomes addressed. For General Education assessment and curriculum development please use the rubric aligned with your course’ general education category. The rubrics may also be amended for use in any course aimed at similar learning outcomes. For example faculty who have a learning goal related to oral communication may find the Oral Communication rubric useful to assess student performance.

Assessment Rubrics:

Fundamental Studies Distributive Studies
Diversity I-Series
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